Arts Around Town

During the Festival acadien, Caraquet transforms into a true meeting place for Acadians from home and the Acadian Diaspora. The town becomes a crossroads where artists rediscover their audience and sources of inspiration: the sea, joie de vivre, a longing for fraternity. In this spirit of coming together, Festival acadien de Caraquet is looking to promote Arts Around Town: an opportunity for the business community and the arts world to join hands in Caraquet’s rich tradition of collaboration between the arts and business. This is an invitation for the town’s businesses and institutions to promote a work of art, artist or Acadian arts endeavour for the duration of the Festival. Congratulations to the many restaurants and businesses that have already come on board!

Festival acadien’s goal is clear: to have all businesses in Caraquet make special room for the arts by promoting an individual artist or several artists. Why not join us?

Three prizes will be awarded to businesses that have shown outstanding originality and creativity.